Our Workboats

Our extensive work boat fleet comprises of 20 plus narrow-beam vessels, some of which have been purposely designed, built or customised to meet the rather specific demands of the works they undertake on our inland waterways.

Available to hire across the UK and at competitive rates, we are sure we can provide the right vessels to suit your needs – please do get in touch for further information and to discuss your requirements in more detail, our knowledgeable and experienced team will be happy to help.

Pusher Tugs

Our Pusher Tugs form an important and popular part of our fleet. These small but powerful vessels all benefit from responsive and reliable Diesel engines and are equipped with winches allowing them to be quickly and safely harnessed to other vessels, such as our Carrying Hoppers, for the easy transportation of materials or waste products to and from site. In addition, these handy vessels are also fitted with basic welfare facilities including Tea/Coffee making and handwashing facilities, toilet, stove and seating areas.

Powered Excavator Carrying Vessels

Ideally suited to Inspection works, Dredging, Piling and Nico-Spanning etc. our Powered Excavator Carrying boats “Element” and “Newark” are versatile vessels which, thanks to their four hydraulically operated stabiliser legs and ramped/raised hold area, provides a fixed working platform for operatives and Excavators (up to 2.5 Tonnes in weight) to work from. As self-propelled work boats both vessels are easily transportable between work sites without the need for any other vessels, whilst in addition “Element” is fitted with basic welfare facilities including Tea/Coffee making and handwashing facilities, toilet, stove and seating area, whilst “Newark” features an onboard Toilet and hand washing compartment.

Powered Materials Carrying Vessels

Our self-propelled vessels “Diamond”, “Pioneer”, “Cotswold” and “Comet” all benefit from basic welfare facilities including Tea/Coffee and handwashing facilities, toilet, stove and seating areas, as well as having spacious hold areas for the transportation of equipment, personnel and materials without the use for additional materials carrying vessels. However, our “Pioneer” and “Cotswold” are both also fitted with winches for attachment to other materials carrying vessels for increased carrying capacity if required.

Mini-Excavator Carrying Pontoon – Unpowered

These vessels have been specifically designed for the transportation of Excavators and equipment to sites with restricted/shallow access points. The four hydraulically operated stabiliser legs provide a fixed working platform for an Excavator of up to 3 Tonnes in weight to perform from, enabling a variety of works to be undertaken such as Piling, Nico-spanning and Dredging etc. As our Pontoons are unpowered, it is advisable to use a powered vessel such as a Pusher Tug to manoeuvre the vessel to and from sites and into working positions on site.

Self-Loading Unpowered Materials Vessel

Equipped with hydraulically operated stabiliser legs, long reach arm with powerful rotating clam shell bucket and spacious hold capacity of up to 20 Tonnes, “Leabrook” is a versatile vessel capable of undertaking Dredging works, clearing reed beds and vegetation, carrying aggregates and other materials, as well as having the advantage of being able to self-load and discharge these materials without the need for additional Excavators/Hiabs etc. As an unpowered vessel, “Leabrook” requires the use of a Pusher Tug to move it to and from site and into working positions.

Conver C480H Weed Cutting and Collecting Vessel

Available with interchangeable cutting bar and rake attachments, our Conver C480H is a dual purpose self-propelled vessel for both the cutting and collecting of a wide range of weeds and vegetation growing in and floating on our canals and inland waterways, as well as lakes and reservoirs etc. Featuring a powerful engine, shallow drafted hull and long reach front tipping arm, this specialised vessel is only available to hire with one of our trained Helmsman.

70FT Materials Carrying Hoppers – 25 Tonne Capacity

Our Materials Carrying fleet comprises of a series of 70FT long unpowered hoppers, both tanked and untanked. Both options have a maximum carrying capacity of 25 Tonnes, however our tanked hoppers are particularly suited to carrying heavy cargoes and those with a high water content such as Dredgings. All of our Hoppers require a Pusher Tug or other winched powered vessel to manoeuvre them to and from site.

50FT Materials Carrying Hoppers – 20 Tonne Capacity

We have an extensive fleet of 50FT long unpowered hoppers for hire – our most popular hopper size – with a maximum carrying capacity of 20 Tonnes. These vessels can be hired singularly (with the use of a Pusher Tug to manoeuvre them to and from site) or as a group in order to cater for works requiring the transportation of large quantities of materials.

35FT Long Materials Carrying Hoppers – 12 Tonnes Capacity

Our 35FT long Materials Carrying Hoppers, though suitable for the transportation of a wide variety of materials, are insulated thus making them particularly suited to the transport of Tarmac. Though singularly their hold capacity is less than that of our 70FT and 50FT hoppers, their length enables them to be stacked in pairs for transport by Hiab Lorry and as such they are often hired in pairs for increased carrying capacity at reduced haulage rates. A Pusher Tug is required to manoeuvre these vessels to and from site.

Unpowered Inspection Punts

Weighing just 1.5 Tonnes unladen and at 18FT x 6ft10”, our shallow drafted unpowered Punts are ideally suited to inspection works and the transportation of small amounts of materials, such as scaffolding etc. to sites with a restricted water depth and are also easily transportable via small Hiab lorry.

“Galton” – 70FT Unpowered Materials Carrier

With a maximum carrying capacity of 25 Tonnes and benefitting from narrower gunwhales and a much longer hold area than our 70FT Materials Hoppers, “Galton” is ideally suited to transporting large quantities of bulky equipment and materials, such as pumps, lock gates, scaffolding and Heras fencing. Being unpowered, a Pusher Tug is required to manoeuvre this vessel to and from site.

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