Contracting Services

Our vessels and trained, competent Helmsmen/Operatives are also available throughout the year to directly undertake various waterways-based maintenance, repair and inspection works. This includes the removal of reeds, the cutting and collection of floating vegetation and weeds – including working with invasive weed species such as Pennywort – spot dredging, assisting with the inspection of bridges and other canal side structures, as well as reactive/emergency works as they occur. Some of our most recent contracting works are detailed below:

Reed Removal Works

Summer 2020 – Reed removal works from Blue Button Weir, Bilston. Using the expertise of our trained operatives, as well as our purpose built Self-loading and Discharging vessel ‘Leabrook’ fitted with Clamshell Grab, which was manoeuvred to site by our Pusher Tug ‘Excellent’, a systematic clearance of all reeds and vegetation within the water adjacent to the entire length of the weir was removed from site, as well as debris and vegetation growing within the weir and brickwork itself.

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Pennywort and Floating Vegetation

Spring/Summer 2020 – Pennywort and Floating Vegetation/Debris Clearance from Fens Pool Feeder Arm, Brierley Hill.  Using the expertise of our trained operatives, as well as our purpose built Excavator Carrying Pontoon and Excavator, Pusher Tugs, 50FT Materials Carrying Hoppers and our Conver weed cutting and collecting vessel, the Fens Pool Feeder Arm was cleared of Pennywort and other floating vegetation and debris for the continued preservation of this waterway which falls within the Buckpool and Fens Pool Nature Reserve, as well as to ensure the invasive Pennywort does not travel further along the adjoining waterway network.

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Weed Cutting & Clearance Works

Spring/Summer 2020 – Reed cutting and clearance works on the Bradley Arm, Bilston by our Conver Weed Boat, Pusher Tug and Materials Hoppers, as well as our experienced operatives. This important feeder arm becomes smothered with heavy weed growth and so monthly cutting and clearance runs by our team are required during the warmer months.

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Spot Dredging Works

Summer 2020 – Spot dredging on the Fens Pool Feeder Arm, Brierley Hill, to allow for access for Pennywort removal works – undertaken by our trained personnel using our Excavator Carrying Machine, LOLER certified Excavator and Clamshell, plus Pusher Tug.

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Emergency Work

Spring 2020 – Emergency wall supports being put into place in the Bourneville area, using our trained personnel, Excavator carrying Pontoon, LOLER certified Excavator with Clamshell, Pusher Tug and Materials Carrying Hoppers.

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Assisting with Inspection Works/Works to Canalside Properties

Spring 2021 – Assiting Murphys Construction on behalf of St. Joseph’s Homes Ltd. with their inspection works on Ashstead Tunnel, Near Aston, Birmingham, which saw us providing our powered vessel ‘Diamond’ plus two Helmsmen for the duration of the inspection works.

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