Assorted Equipment

Powerpacks and Handheld Post Drivers and Breakers

We currently offer two powerful hydraulic powerpacks for hire compatible with our handheld Post Driver and Low Vibration Handheld Breaker Hammer – both are lightweight and easily manoeuvred by hand so ideal for fencing, Nico-spanning and breaking tasks where access to excavators etc. is restricted.

Stanley HP90

Our most powerful Powerpack ideal for use alongside our Atlas Copco LPD-T Hydraulic Post Driver, the Stanley HP90 is equipped with a Honda GX390 (13HP) Petrol engine and weighs 83kg – its wheeled frame and lift-up handle allows for ease of manoeuvrability however.

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JCB Beaver

Ideal for use alongside our JCB HM25LV Hydraulic Breaker Hammer, the JCB Beaver is equipped with a Honda GX240 6KW (8HP) Petrol engine and weighs just 66kg – making it a lightweight but robust and powerful power pack which again is easily manoeuvred by its lift up handle and wheeled frame. The JCB Beaver operates at a hydraulic oil flow of 20I/mm and also features a power-on-demand system which reduces off-load engine to idle, ensuring reduced noise levels and low fuel consumption, whilst its adjustable hydraulic flow allows for precision control of any tool its powering.

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Atlas Copco LPD-T Hydraulic Post Driver

Equipped with a 0.5M hose and quick connector, as well as a built-in start/stop trigger which can be activated by the operator directly on the driver, the Atlas Copco LPD-T Hydraulic Post Driver is the perfect all-round post driver – providing stable, powerful and high-speed driving for a variety of post sizes, from 40-100mm in diameter and with an operating weight of just 32kgs. Requiring a hydraulic flow rate of 20-30 I/mn this driver is ideal for use alongside either our Stanley HP90 or JCB Beaver powerpacks.

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JCB HM25LV Low Vibration Hydraulic Breaker Hammer

The JCB HM25LV Hydraulic Breaker Hammer is ideal for use alongside our JCB Beaver Hydraulic power pack – a compact and lightweight Breaker Hammer at just 27kgs, it benefits from a Vibro-dampened handle and JCB’s unique active suspension design which dispenses with traditional springs and bushes. Therefore the JCB HM25LV can boast of the lowest levels of hand-arm vibration on the breaker market . In addition, the sealed hydraulic system results in low noise emissions – Sound Power Level 108 dBLwa – as well as an immediate response trigger, allowing the operator more control and increased comfort, an upgraded power cell for increased blow energy (Blow Frequency 1500 blows/min)

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3.5 Tonne Plant Trailer

Capable of carrying a load of up to 3.5 Tonne, our twin axle Ifor Williams plant trailer – Dimensions: 16.5FT L X 6.5FT W X 5.3FT H – is ideal for hirers who require the ability to easily move plant and equipment, such as Excavators and Dumpers etc. between several different work sites.

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