Powered Excavator Carrying Work Boat


Fitted with four Hydraulic legs, which can operate to a maximum depth of 2m, and so ensure a stable working platform for the excavator (maximum machine weight of 2.5 tonnes – please note, canopied machines only), our Powered Excavator Carrying Work Boat ‘Element’ is particularly suited to Piling, Dredging and Nico-spanning works.

‘Element’ features a raised working area which runs the length of the vessel’s hold, which allows for the on-board Excavator to travel and operate from almost any position on the vessel for added versatility, in addition, ‘Element’ is also equipped with basic welfare facilities, including mess area fitted with solid fuel stove, hand washing and toilet facilities.

A number of attachments are available to fit our Excavators for use on this vessel, whilst a longer reach excavator than that shown is also available. As a self-propelled work boat, ‘Element’ is easily moveable between sites, and our Excavator’s fold-down canopies allow for easy passage through bridge-holes.

Available for delivery nationwide – via either road or waterway.

Dimensions: 50FT Long x 6FT 10” Wide x 20” Draught Empty

All of our machines are fitted with Bio-Oil for the prevention of water contamination and subsequent habitat damage - A and R Rothen Ltd are committed to protecting the Environment.

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