Mini-Excavator Carrying Pontoon   


24 FT Long x 6FT 10” Wide (without stability sponsons, 10FT 10” with stability sponsons) x 15” Draught when loaded with 2.5 Tonne

Excavator x Weight Approx. 5.5 Tonnes

Machine carrying capacity, maximum 3 Tonnes (please note only canopied excavators may be used).

These vessels have been specifically designed for the transportation of excavators and equipment to sites with restricted access, and with the four stability legs down – which can operate in water up to 1.8ms deep- provide a stable working platform for the excavator to operate from, enabling a variety of operations such as Dredging, Piling and Nico-spanning works to be undertaken. When delivering to site by water, the side stability sponsons can be easily relocated to the front of the vessel, thus reducing the width of the vessel to 6FT 10” allowing for passage through narrow bridge holes and locks.

Available for delivery nationwide – via either road or waterway. Stability sponsons are easily removable to reduce width for road transport where necessary.

All of our machines are fitted with Bio-Oil for the prevention of water contamination.

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