Kubota KX71 3 Tonne


Particularly suited for use on our Excavator Carrying Vessels and Pontoons – please note, canopied machines only, not cabbed - our Kubota KX71 3 Tonne Mini Excavators are the ideal excavators for undertaking Dredging, Piling and Nicospanning works. The KX71 has the largest digging depth and reach of all mini excavators in its weight category, whilst its lifting power is also impressively strong. Max digging depth 2870mm.

The KX71 3 Tonne is a counterbalanced machine, with its fold-down, ROPS canopied cab allowing for easy passage through low canal bridge holes. All of our KX71’s are also fitted with KLAC Quick-Hitch systems to enable for the faster, easier and safer changeover of attachments and buckets – please refer to our info sheet on KLAC Quick-Hitch systems for more information. All fitted with drop control valves for safe lifting. LOLER Compliant

  • Compatible Attachments:
  • ✔ Atlas Copco SB102 Hydraulic Breaker
  • ✔ A range of buckets
  • ✔ Clamshell Rake
  • ✔ Pro-Tech Post Driver
  • ✔ Nico-Span Post Driver
  • ✔ S21 City Piling Hammer
  • Counterweight Machine
  • Fold down Canopy – ideal for low-bridge applications
  • ROPS Cab – for increased operator safety
  • KLAC Quick Hitch Attachment systems – for the safer and easier changeover of attachments
  • Stabilising Blade Fitted  

 Dimensions & Capability:

Operating Weight: 2800 kgs
All of our plant and machinery for hire are fitted with Bio-Oil for the prevention of water contamination and subsequent habitat damage - A and R Rothen Ltd are committed to protecting the Environment.

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